How Much Power Is Too Much? The Answer For Jay Leno Turns Out To Be About 2,500 HP

If you ever wondered how much power is too much when it comes to an automobile, ask Jay Leno. He found it out the hard way when he went for a 2,500 HP ride on two wheels with legendary stunt driver Bob Riggle.

The two wheels came courtesy of the Hemi Under Glass drag racer which is famous for being able to lift its two front wheels by just pushing down hard on the accelerator.

But while it has been on Leno's Bucket List for a very long time to ride in this awesome wheelie-performing Plymouth Barracuda— complete with a Hemi engine—it wasn't all fun and games.

Because after riding along on two wheels for a small amount of time the beautiful car barrel rolled, with Jay riding shotgun in the passenger seat.

It happened after 80-year-old Riggle lost control after the car accelerated, spinning around until thankfully it eventually ended up back on all four wheels. Thanks to modern safety equipment the pair were both fine, Leno even cracked a joke straight after.

But while Riggle and Leno thankfully didn't sustain any injuries, the car's shell took quite a bit of damage—enough for it to have to be rebuilt. The 2,500 HP Hemi engine was fine though, so that will live to wheelie another day.

Leno undertook the stunt for his show Jay Leno's Garage. Probably the last time he'll be undertaking it too.


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