'MyIdol' Is A New Chinese App That Creates Creepy & Hilarious Animated Avatars Of People #MyIdol

A Chinese app that goes by the name MyIdol is having its moment in the viral spotlight. The app lets users take a selfie and then create an unnerving-looking but hilarious cartoon version.

Once you've snapped a selfie you can then customize it in all sorts of ways. Making your face look older or more baby-like, add different clothes, turn yourself into the opposite gender, add tattoos, add backgrounds and make them sing and dance and all kinds of other weird, yet highly entertaining things.

Strangely enough it seems like most of the people who use this app seem to favor the 'pole dancing' option. I wonder why?

What makes it even more surreal is that it's all in Chinese (although there is a guide in English) but that hasn't stopped people creating various incarnations of themselves, famous people, and their pets.

Check out some of the terrifying results below. An English version is due out soon. Fear for all our sanities.

Vladimir Putin seems to be quite popular.

As does pole dancing in general.

But generally people are just making all kinds of weirdness.

I've decided to change my career path. #myidol

Oh my, oh my.

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