'Space Puffins' - Internet Falls In Love With The New Star Wars Creatures Called Porgs

Some new Star Wars creatures were introduced at the D23 expo and one in particular, called porgs, captured the hearts of Star Wars fans, mainly because they look totally like space puffins and they are utterly adorable. The porgs were first spotted in the new The Last Jedi trailer/behind the scenes featurette (above) initially unveiled at the event, and then released online. Which is where everyone saw them and now Star Wars have released some more details about them. It gives you hope that in a galaxy far, far away, cuteness exists and reigns supreme.

Of course, when it comes to introducing new Star Wars creatures Lucasfilm don't always get it right. Yep, you're thinking what I'm thinking: Jar Jar Binks. But the Star Wars universe is huge and one walk into the Cantina bar indicates just how many Star Wars creatures exist—and that's just in one bar.

So sometimes they're gonna get it wrong, but fortunately these new critters don't seem to be anywhere near as annoying as the infamous Binks. Instead they look extremely cute. Extremely cute space puffins.

Meet The New Star Wars Creatures, Called Porgs

the last jedi star wars creatures porgs.

The cutesy new Star Wars creatures were only given momentary screen time in the featurette, as puppets on a bench and being tended to by a crew member, but that was enough to set the internet alight with praise and intrigue.

"Porgs are native to Ahch-To, and can be found dwelling along the cliffs of the island where Luke and Rey are." says Lucasfilm Story Group’s Pablo Hidalgo. "In many ways, they’re the Star Wars version of puffins. They build nests. They can fly. Their babies are called porglets."

the last jedi star wars creatures porgs 03.
Porg sketches by Stéphane Kardos

How The Star Wars creatures Were Brought To Life

the last jedi star wars creatures porgs 02.
Screenshots of the Porgs from The Last Jedi featurette

Hidalgo goes on to say these new Star Wars creatures have been brought to life using various effects, both using puppeteering and also using full CGI.

"Ever since that roadside scavenger let out that belch outside Jabba’s palace in Return of the Jedi, the idea that there’s an entire animal kingdom living amid the drama and adventure of the Star Wars saga is a compelling one." notes Hidalogo. "Besides, porgs are cute. You fall into those deep, soulful eyes. I think a lot of people are going to want a porg as a pet."

He's not wrong. Check out how the internet reacted to these puffin-based Star Wars creatures below.

The Power Of Cuteness: Twitter Responds To Porgs

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