Star Wars Is Brilliantly Reimagined As The Opening Credits To Season One Of 'True Detective'

True Detective season two has recently wrapped and opinions are divided on what the heck it was all about—and whether it was any good, or a load of bull crud nonsense that ruined everything ever.

It didn't help that it had to follow the first season, which was great and weird and uncanny and subversive and all the things you want from a TV show.

It also had a great soundtrack, handpicked by the music supervisor T Bone Burnett. One of the standout songs was the haunting, jangling, and bewitching opening credits song "Far From Any Road" by The Handsome Family.

It really pulled you in and set up the otherworldly atmosphere. Now YouTuber Star Wars Minute has created a shot-for-shot remake of the credits, substituting the True Detective characters and landscapes of the deep south with starships, Boba Fett, Princess Leia, Darth Vader, and all things Star Wars.

It's lovingly done and the music and spooky atmosphere works just as well for Star Wars iconography as it did for the Southern Gothic styles of True Detective.

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