Officer Tommy Norman Is Doing His Community Policing Right And It's Making A Huge Difference

Back in May officer Tommy Norman from the North Little Rock Police Department, Arkansas hit the headlines in the wake of Freddie Gray's death at the hands of the Baltimore police. His approach to policing was what people took notice of, because it involved being a real inspiration and part of his local community. And the evidence of his actions was there to see in the images he posts to social media of himself with local kids.

He's embracing them, hanging out with them, making them laugh and showing them that there isn't anything to fear from the police. Instead they see him as a friend, someone they look forward to seeing when he turns up in his patrol car.

Rapper Michael "Killer Mike" Render from Atlanta brought Norman to everyone's attention after he mentioned him in the CNN interview above. Render said he follows Norman on Instagram, taking assurance from his posts, and cites him as an example of policing done right.

Because policing should be about going out and interacting with the community in a positive manner, there should be an open dialogue with residents, and by engaging with the kids Norman really entrenches himself at the heart of the various neighborhoods of North Little Rock—and it's not only had a big effect on North Little Rock, but has inspired people up and down the country.

Just take a look at some of the comments on his Facebook page or take a look at his Twitter or Instagram feed to see how his community policing is encouraging and influencing others.

Just look how these kids react when his car drives past. He's loved.

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Here's some more images of his great work, from selfies with local kids, to hanging in classrooms.

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