OUCH! - 'The PainStation' Is Just Like Normal 'Pong' But When You Lose You're Hand Gets Zapped

Most video games you derive pleasure from, not so with The PainStation, a converted Pong arcade machine that dishes out various levels of pain when you lose.

The machine was originally conceived by students Volker Morawe and Tilman Reiff while they were both attending the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. The guys from YouTube channel Let's Play decided to visit the installation while in Germany and have a go on it. Which they probably came to instantly regret.

It works by having two buttons that you must always hold down with your left hand. If you take your left hand away, you lose. Meanwhile your right hand controls the game of Pong.

But should you allow your opponent to score a point and an icon is hit, then you're trouble.

Because that means your hand will be shocked, burned, or whipped depending on how lucky you are. As they say, keep your friends close meet your enemies at The PainStation table.

I can see this idea catching on and moving into the Call of Duty and GTA genres, it'd make it a lot more fun and you'd play a LOT more carefully. After all, no pain, no gain.


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