Nintendo Release New Console 'The Switch', Internet Reacts With Memes And Jokes

You're probably aware that Nintendo have announced their new console, the Switch. It's a kind of hybrid gaming system that works on your TV and as a portable gaming system too. It's due out in March 2017 and it looks like it could be pretty good.

The system sits in a dock at home which connects to your TV. Then you can lift it from the dock and it becomes a handheld device, but it means you can continue playing the game from exactly where you were. The portable device also has special controllers called Joy-Con which one player can hold one in each hand.

Two players take one each.

Along with showing off this the 'first look' video that was released also showed some very trendy young people playing the console on a basketball court, at a rooftop party, and various other places that gamers never play games.

But apart from the fact that the gamers in the video didn't look like gamers, the reactions were mostly positive (apart from the odd Wii U owner). Well, positive while also gently poking fun at Nintendo, in a kind of affectionate way.

Because poking fun at things is the internet's default state, and the reactions to Nintendo Switch were a lot more fun than the actual video. Which, apart from showcasing the new console, was pretty cheesy and mundane.

Check out some of the funniest reactions below.

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