Pro Skater Danny León Goes To Skate Park Disguised As Old Man, Pretends To Skate For First Time

Old people and skate parks tend not to be a good mix, especially if the old person in question looks like they might actually give this skateboarding fad a try. Not only is it highly embarrassing to other skaters, but you'd be tempted to have 911 on your speed-dial, just in case.

As part of Spanish TV show El Hormiguero pro skater Danny León pranked some young skaters at a skate park in Madrid, by pretending to be an old man attempting skateboarding for the first time.

Firstly he gets prosthetics applied to look like an octogenarian and then he hits the street armed with a board, a walking stick, and some other old folk. Once at the park, after toying around with the skaters for a bit, he brings forth the awesome, and starts showing them young uns how it's done.

Their jaws hit the floor, and the shock on their faces is hilarious. They really can't quite believe what they're seeing. Respect earned. So, yeah kids, remember to always respect your elders, whoever they are. Especially at the skate park.

Because you never quite know what world-class skateboarder they might be.

Here's some more of Leon in action, this time as his normal 21-year-old badass self.

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