This Is Probably The Most Touching Wedding Ceremony You're Ever Going To See

Thousands of people get married every day and each one of their ceremonies is special because, well, it's their wedding day. They don't come along often, unless you're a bigamist. But this ceremony is extra special because it happened under extraordinarily tragic circumstances.

Like any couple who know they want to stay together for the rest of their lives, Rowden and Leizl decided to marry. They picked a date, the 8th July 2014, the same day Rowden was turning 30 and started to plan the event—perhaps even thinking of having their two year old daughter Zakiah as a bridesmaid. But then something happened, something out of their control.

In May Rowden was diagnosed with stage IV liver cancer. Knowing he didn't have long left they moved their wedding date forward, but this isn't a wedding that could take place in a church, because Rowden was far too ill to move from his hospital bed. So they brought the wedding to him. Watch the video to see the touching and I've-been-cutting-onions-I-swear inducing ceremony.

On the 11th June 2014 Rowden passed away. He was 29 years old and had only been married for 10 hours—but at least he fulfilled his dream.

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