'The Pug Life'—Adorable Portraits Of Pugs Dressed As Iconic Hip-Hop And Rap Stars

Photographer Adam Jackman-Moore shows that it's not just humans who are living the thug life, animals can be OGs too. Well, they can if you dress them up to look like some of the most iconic hip hop artists who have ever been big in the game—and then take photos of them.

Call it a sign of these end times of culture in late capitalism or call it dogs dressed as rappers, but they're undeniably funny and cute. Adam Jackman-Moore set up the project The Pug Life, styling pugs in bandanas, caps, and gold chains to look like rappers from the 80s and 90s.

And, of course, they also come with their own, heavily punned, rap name. Jackman-Moore also encourages other pug-owners in Perth, Australia where he's based, to submit their pugs and be in with a chance to join the crew.

If you were thinking of trying this out on your own dog, pug or not, Jackman-Moore has the following tips to get the right pose, which he revealed in an interview with Lost at E Minor.

Spend some time playing with them and giving them 100% of your attention at their level. That’s the key, get down to their level and enjoy them just being a dog. Then use their favourite treat or squeaky toy as a visual lure to look at the camera. We find by the end of the session when they know what we are after in our game of ‘look at the camera’ and it is when we get the keepers. Just have patience and have fun. All dogs are different and have different motivations. You just need to find what your dog’s is and use it to your advantage.

Jackman-Moore has a new project coming up which will feature French bulldogs dressed as outlaw motorcycle gangs.

Check out the pug rappers below. Everyone from the Beastie Boys to Ice Cube, Tupac, and Grandmaster Flash is representing.


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