People Being Greeted With A Surprise Puppy For The First Time Is Guaranteed To Melt Your Heart

Getting a puppy is pretty much going to make anyone, even a psychotic maniac, very happy. But if there's anything that's going to beat the sheer joy of getting a little dog to call your best buddy, it's when it's a total surprise. Short of winning the lottery nothing else comes close.

There's no greater proof of how much joy a little animal can bring than the expressions on these people's faces.

Recorded the moment they're given a puppy, the moment they discover they're going to have a new friend in the form of a furry little mutt, they can't contain their emotion.

There's plenty of tears, and you may well find yourself with a little something in your eye while watching this, especially if you're in an emotional mood.

It's enough to raise a smile on your face, and maybe even make you contemplate being nice to a coworker.

It's basically happy, happy, joy, joy—that is until the first vet bill comes in. Then it will be tears of a different kind.


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