Reddit Users Create Their Own Hilarious Versions Of The Controversial Holly Fisher Gun Pic

You've probably seen that photo floating about—making lots of people angry on Twitter—of conservative Christian mom of three Holly Fisher posing next to the American flag while brandishing a bible and a gun.

After she posted it to Twitter it was pointed out that it looked like a Western version of this photo of a female suicide bomber with a Quran.


People were equally enraged and supportive of this so-called "American Taliban" and troller of liberals. And now some Reddit users have been making their own national versions. So far there's been a Canadian one and an Australian one.

Here's the original Canadian post by user amorningofsleep, with a gun replaced by a hammer and the bible replaced by Harry Potter.


But then someone pointed out, "Why aren't you holding syrup and a hockey stick?" So a hockey stick was added, along with a copy of Canadian novelist Marian Engel's book Bear, an erotic tale about a librarian and a bear getting it on.


And here's the Australian one uploaded by bumnut.


And, again, someone kindly fixed it to be a bit more stereotypically Australian.


Let's hope this meme catches on so we get to see each different country's version.

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