Rescue Dog Popeye Is An Instagram Foodie Cutie Whose Exploits Will Make You Drool

Instagram is not short of pictures of food shot to make you drool and feel hungry, yet bitter because you're not eating it up right now. In fact, as we're all too aware there's way too much of it around.

But @PopeyetheFoodie is a food porn Instagram account with a difference, because Popeye is a dog. A rescue mutt who lives in Los Angeles and likes to go out with his owners and dine.

What dog wouldn't? The dishes he's sat next to aren't just drool-worthy for dogs either, from delicious-looking burgers covered in bacon and cheese to tantalising iced donuts, they look delightful.

After viewing the pics you're basically going to want this dog's life. How lovely it must be to get carted around the restaurants and diners of L.A. and get a paid for meal. You might think a dog isn't be the most relaxing meal companion though, but Popeye's owners say he's very well behaved.

“My friend, Jen, had always encouraged me to create an Instagram for Popeye, but I wanted something a little different,” owner Ivy Diep told ABC News. “Jen and I like to go on what we call ‘Instagram dates’ where we would try different restaurants and take Instagram pictures of our food. I would bring Popeye to any of the pet-friendly places, and we realized how good he was around food. He would sit still for photos. We do get compliments on how well behaved he is sitting in front of food."

He doesn't actually get to chow down on all of this tasty-looking food though, but his owners do give him bits and pieces of what's safe for him to eat.

Check out his culinary exploits below. Head to his Instagram for more.

? on that poochini - @shakeshack in West Hollywood.

It's as if he's never seen red buns before. @gdbroburger in Santa Ana - the Juan and only with avocado and pizza fries.

Got tricked by the clear box. ? Donuts from UJelly in Fountain Valley.

Who wouldn't be happy around a candied bacon, fluffy egg and cheese sandwich? - @pigpendelicacy at the @4thstreetmarket in Santa Ana. Oh and let's not forget the crispy pork belly fries.

Looking like a happy teddy bear here. Steak and chicken plates, a pepperoni pizzette, and a watermelon basil refresher at @urbanplates in Pasadena.

Popeye thinks he can be a @sanrio character, too! Pompompurin x Chococat x @plancheck collaboration meal in Downtown Los Angeles. #SanrioXPlanCheck A portion of the proceeds will be donated to @laloveleashes. ?

? ?? . Chicken sandwich, wings, and fries from @howlinrays in Chinatown, Los Angeles. Medium spice was perfect for us. ??

Just a lil worried about his cholesterol level after this, but oh so good! Shrimp, lobster, and king crab legs from the Boiling Crab in Alhambra. #boilingcrab *please note, they do not have a pet friendly dining area here. Hopefully one day! ??

Got his party hat on for these tacos. Assorted tacos at Tacos Tu Madre (@tacostumadre) in Westwood.

Excited, Popeye? Pastrami cheese sandwich on fresh baked bread @rosecitypizza in Rosemead. ??

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