Run Walter, RUN!! Watch Walter The GoPro Dog Adorably Sprint To Indulge In His Favorite Activity

Walter the dog lives in Syracuse on the island of Sicily, Italy and he loves nothing more than swimming and diving in the sea near his home. And if you wanted an indication of just how much Walter loves the sea, his owner attached a GoPro to him to record his short but enthusiastic journey from his home to the ocean.

Titled “Run Walter, RUN!!” the video gives you a 36 second insight into the world of a sea-loving labrador, which you definitely need in your life. And if you were wondering what that looked like from the opposite perspective, here's what the beachgoers see.

Here's a pic his owner posted of him lapping up his swimtime.

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And, of course, here's Walter the dog's epic run turned into a rally crash.

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