Rio 2016—Usain Bolt's Grinning 100m Photo Gets The Hilarious Meme Treatment

Usain Bolt recently made history by becoming the first athlete to win gold at the 100m at three consecutive Olympics. But before that win Bolt posed for a brilliant picture—while running!—in the semi-final heat.

The picture shows Bolt way ahead of his competitors, as he always seems to be, so far ahead in fact that he had time to pause, glance back at them, and look over and grin at a photographer before he finished the race.

It was great that he did because it resulted in an incredible photo captured by Cameron Spencer for Getty Images, as Bolt, before finishing first by a very significant margin in his semi-final heat turns his head to the camera and produces an unforgettable grin. It's a wonderful moment.

As one Twitter user commented, 'It's just like the Roadrunner taunting Wile E. Coyote'. Kevin McSorley, watching from Wisconsin, wrote: 'Bolt stops, takes a selfie, then continues to win the race.'

But the best Twitter comment had to be, "When you're in the middle of a 100m sprint and remember you need a new profile pic for Facebook."

It does make you wonder what was on his mind at the time of the photo? He definitely doesn't seem to be worrying about running faster or winning the race that's for sure.

Check out the original photo below.

usain bolt

But as we all know (by now), along with being an iconic photo it was also too perfect a chance for the internet to pass up without turning it into a meme. To not do so would do the photo, and Bolt, a disservice.

So that's exactly what it did, as Twitter went into meltdown with hilarity and witty remarks.

Here's some of the best:

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