Sales Girl Freaks Out Customers With Some Crazy Drifting Skills Because She's Actually A Rally Driver

Potential Mitsubishi customers at this Malaysia car showroom looking for a macho-looking new pick-up truck got a lot more than just your typical test drive, when the meek and innocent looking sales girl taking them for a spin turned out to be pro rally driver Leona Chin.

After getting in the car and letting them drive for awhile, Chin then asks if they want to see what the car can really do. And that's when things get a bit more hair-raising.

Having payed along with comments like, "what's a pretty girl like you doing selling cars" and some very sexist remarks like "Do you know how to handle this car, this is a man's car you know", Leona politely puts them in their place by scaring the crap out of them with her amazing driving prowess.

It's an absolute joy to witness any signs of machismo evaporating before your very eyes.

Chin has previously pranked driving instructors when she pretended to be a learner driver, but instead took them for a knuckle-whitening thrill ride.

So she's got form. This time it's unsuspecting customers looking to purchase the Mitsubishi's L200 / Triton truck who get "treated" to some epic drifting, while they cling on to the interior of the car for their lives.

Duping them into thinking they were taking a shortcut, instead they get to experience fast spins and, possibly, some soiled garments.

Still, at least they know the tires have got a good grip.


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