Incredible Drone Footage Of Syria Shows The War-Torn Country Like You've Never Seen It Before

We've all seen the footage on the news of Syria, the bombed out buildings and smoking debris, the desolation that four years of civil war, terrorist onslaught, and intense fighting will do.

But it's unlikely you've seen footage like this, which was shot on a drone by Russian company Russia Works, a team of war correspondents and military journalists who specialise in conflict footage.

As the video seems to state, this footage is from the war zones of Damascus and Jobar and shows various offensives by the Syrian Army aimed at what they believe to be terrorists.

It's surreal to see, because the footage is so high-def and well shot it looks like a movie, or a Call of Duty video game—somewhere along the line, the tropes for fiction and reality got blurred and this is the result.

Still, it allows you to witness the utter devastation that has been wrought upon Syria, as we witness tanks blast buildings and a landscape littered with rubble. It also makes you wonder about the poor civilians left there struggling to survive.

It's at once fascinating and entirely horrifying.


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