Still The Most Shocking Second A Day - Save The Children's Powerfully Sad Child Refugee PSA

Two years ago Save the Children released the gut-wrenching video Most Shocking Second a Day. It featured a fictional 12-year-old British school girl, Lily, and showed her life being destroyed as war took over and Britain became a conflict zone. The film effectively depicted the horrors of the Syrian war transposed to the UK, and now the charity have released a follow up which again shows the terrible effects war has on refugee children.

Called Still The Most Shocking Second A Day it was made by agency Don’t Panic London—who made the original video and also created this powerful film about the Syrian conflict—and starts where the previous film ended. It shows the same girl with the UK at war but here she's leaving behind everything she knows, including her parents, to flee the horrors of conflict by boat.

Although fictitious the events are based on what Syrian children and other child refugees have been going through, and who Save the Children have helped in Europe and the Middle East. As such it makes for traumatic and emotional viewing.

“This video captures the terrible experiences of thousands of children every day, many undertaking horrific journeys that no one should ever have to endure." said Tanya Steele, interim chief executive of Save the Children. "We wanted to bring home the reality of what it's like for those children, to capture the British public’s attention. Lily's journey is like those of hundreds of thousands of other child refugees searching for a better life. Unless the international community provides safe and legal routes to families fleeing war and persecution, children will continue to undertake dangerous journeys in search of safety.”

The original video has now got over 53 million views since it was released in 2014 and this latest one is just as moving in its depiction of the child refugee crisis. Check out the original below.

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