This Is What A Shark Attack Looks Like And It's Terrifying - REMUS Shark Cam Reveals The Horror

In case you weren't already terrified enough of sharks, then this footage of a simulated shark attack which was filmed by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution will ensure you never ever want to set foot in the ocean ever again.

Using what they call a REMUS "SharkCam" attached to a submersible they captured a great white off the coast of Guadalupe Island in Mexico. They initially wanted to film these stunning beasts in the wild, which they did, but they also got a little something extra. And that something extra was a great white deciding to attack the cam to try and chomp its way through like some ravenous monster from the deep.

According to the tech guys over at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution ('whoi.edu' for short), "REMUS SharkCam has been tested on white sharks and basking sharks near Cape Cod and on white sharks near Guadalupe Island on the West Coast of Mexico. Plans are currently underway to use the system to follow other large marine animals such as sea turtles. Visual and numerical data from the vehicle promise to open up new ways of studying the behavior of marine animals in the wild interacting with their natural habitat."

Check out the entire video of their amazing expidition in the video below.

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