UFC Hat Thieves - Amusing Compilation Of Fighters Getting Their Hats Stolen As They Enter The Ring

Today you will learn something about UFC fans, or some of them at least, that you probably didn't previously know. They like to steal UFC fighters' hats.

It must be some kind of memento to either take home or auction on eBay to the highest bidder. But it happens so often when the UFC fighter is walking into the ring past the cheering crowds, that YouTube user 5th Round has created a whole compilation of MMA fighters having their headgear stolen.

Mostly the fighters completely ignore it, they're too pumped and psyched to care about their damn hat. Some are startled but keep going and occasionally they fight back, grasping for their pilfered cap from the crowds.

The hat thieves are lucky they don't get pounded into next week.

The commentators aren't impressed either.

While we can't possibly endorse hat-stealing, watching the compilation along with the added cartoon "zoinks!"-type noises, you can't help but be amused.


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