Skater Christian Flores Finally Lands A Laser Flip Triple Set After 2 Years And Over 2,000 Attempts

We all need a goal to work towards in life, whether that is winning Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest, traveling the world, getting your hands on a rare comic, catching Mew or Mewtwoor on Pokemon Go, or maybe if you're skater Christian Flores it's achieving a particularly difficult trick.

Flores set himself the challenge of landing a laser flip triple set. And he would stop at nothing, it seems, until he'd done it. And if you were wondering 'what the heck is that?', a laser flip is the combination of a heel flip and a 360 shuvit (which in itself it pretty difficult to pull of), and then performing it over 3 sets of stairs (the triple set).

Like a lot of modern skating tricks it was invented by the legendary Rodney Mullen.

Christian Flores is no skateboarding newbie though, he's a professional skater but teaching himself the trick, and the landing which seems to have been the trickery part, took two years of his life. Now that's dedication.

That old saying connected with all personal achievements in life-'no pain-no gain'-certainly rings true in this video as Flores recounts what he went through physically and mentally, the frustrations, the pain, the puking, the hospital trips. Did we mention the pain?

"I don't really remember all the times I tried, I don't even know exactly how many times I went there, but I'm almost positive I tried it over 2,000 times." he says. "I don't know if that's a bad thing or something to be proud of, but I definitely bled a bunch for this and hurt myself a lot."

He also seems to have mastered the art of falling over as well, which he must be an expert at after two years of trying the trick. If continuous falling was taught at high school he'd be a Valedictorian (or is that Falledictorian).

Put it this way, you wouldn't want to be his left elbow, it looks like it took a beating.