Insane Teens Go Train Surfing In Paris And Record This Heart-Stopping Video

If you were around in the 1980s then you'll remember the Michael J. Fox movie Teenwolf. It was about a high school kid who turned into a wolf and it was great. It also featured a scene where the teenwolf would surf atop a moving van, doing all kinds of crazy tricks.

Now, a van surfing teenwolf is one thing, but over in Paris, France the teens are doing something even more dangerous. They're train surfing. As can be seen in this video which shows a group of teens clambering on top of a platform station roof then jumping from there onto a stationary train.

It then begins moving and your heart will begin palpitating because it looks very scary indeed as they ride along—catching a glimpse of the stunning-looking Eiffel Tower at night—while one of them films the madness on a GoPro. Next they have to all duck suddenly as an approaching bridge threatens to decapitate them. It's insane.

Then, it looks like someone has notified the train driver because the train starts to stop before properly pulling onto the next station platform.

Which causes our daredevils to do a huge and impressive leap across the train tracks from the train and onto the platform below, before making their escape while avoiding getting caught in the process.

It's terrifying just watching it, so you can only imagine the adrenaline these self-proclaimed "urban explorers" must have been pumped full of by doing it.

"I, myself am a new and upcoming urban crazy explorer/vlogger, so keep active and watch what I get up to." says Rikke Brewer the video's uploader. OK, but just be careful, yeah?


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