The #smelfie is Born as Brave Dads Post Photos of Themselves Changing Their Kids' Diaper

Australian comedian Adam Hills decided to upload a photo of himself changing his daughter's smelly diaper. Partly to inject some humor into something that isn't pleasant, and partly to encourage other dads to get involved in changing diapers.

Pulling a face that anyone who's ever got that close to a soiled diaper knows only too well, he posted the photo to twitter with the hashtag #smelfie.

And in doing so inadvertently started a twitter trend, as other dads across the globe posted their own photos of themselves changing diapers to show solidarity.

Here's Hills' initial tweet.

And here's some other dads sharing the pain, along with some advice and techniques.

And for all the haters, Hills was unrepentant about starting the #smelfie movement.

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