It's Spider Vs. Frog In A Battle Of The Species—But It Doesn't End The Way You Might Think

Golden orb-web spiders, the genus known as Nephila in case you couldn't be bothered to Wikipedia it, are known for their hardcore webs. And when those badass webs are positioned in the little open space there is in a forest, it's the perfect trap for small animals to suddenly find themselves caught up in.

This poor frog looks like his fate is sealed when he leaps into the unknown and gets tangled upside down in the path of this fearsome looking nightmare fuel as it closes in to finish off it's prey.

It's an exchange that, if you're something of an arachnophobe, will have you rooting for the amphibian in an interspecies showdown for the ages. But as the spider closes in and takes a bite out of its prey, the frog has an unseen trick up its slimy sleeve: poisonous skin. Take that!

So, knowing that it can't eat it, the spider decides to show mercy (or does it?). And, in quite a bizarre sight goes to the trouble of very carefully untangling the frog and releasing it to live another day.

Is this the most compassionate spider ever? Or does it just need to get rid of this inedible nuisance so it can repair its web? Probably the latter.


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