Attaching A Balloon To Cats Is Far More Hilarious Than It Really Should Be

After the phenomenon of cats and cucumbers it looks like there's a new trick you can do with your cat. This one involves balloons and it doesn't seem to terrify them quite as much as the cucumbers did.

Instead the cats, at least the ones in this video anyway, seem to be pretty nonchalant about it all. In the video from YouTube channel Suri Noel, Japanese cats Suri, Noel, Raon, Iz, and Soul get statically-charged balloons stuck to them.

Why? It seems for no other reason than to amuse their owners and the denizens of the internet.

It doesn't matter where you attach it either, be it their backs, their heads, or wherever a statically charged balloon plus a cat is far more hilarious than it really should be.

There's just something about the way the cats react, a little surprised at first but then they just seem to accept this round object, resigned to it, and now it's part of themselves.

It looks like a fine way to pass the time while at home if you're a little bored, anyway.

Suri and co. aren't the only cats to experience this either, below are a couple more examples.

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