Yummy Strongwoman Diets: Female Bodybuilder Rene Campbell''s Chicken, Rice & Cabbage Smoothie

How does a chicken, rice and cabbage smoothie sound to you? Yeah, me too. Bleurgh. But that is what female bodybuilder Rene Campbell eats every 3 hours to bulk up in preparation for her bodybuilding competitions, sometimes up to 5,000 calories each day alongside 2+ hours of weight training.

Rene has pushed her body from a petite size 8 frame to an 86kg wall of muscle with around 10% body fat. She used to take part in long-distance running and triathlons before she ‘got tired of the hours of cardio each day’ and started looking for a new challenge.

This new challenge has taken her body to nearly double her original size and she’s showing no signs of stopping.

It’s an extreme (and expensive!) lifestyle by any stretch of the imagination but when you place her physique next to a Pro Natural bodybuilder the difference are even clearer.

There’s a big elephant in the room that no one is talking about and it’s in the shape of a syringe of steroids.


The female body, as Rene says in the film, isn’t designed to grow muscle like this. Muscle growth needs higher levels of testosterone than women can make naturally.

It’s why women shouldn’t be scared about lifting weights in the gym. Ladies, YOU WON’T LOOK LIKE THIS just by lifting weights.

Banned drugs, including things like ephedrine, cocaine and morphine, are tested for at Natural Bodybuilding competitions although there are plenty of untested competitions and this is where things like steroids come in.


It’s not just limited to testosterone but for women that’s the big one as it will help them to overcome nature’s limitations and get bigger than most men. Now, I’m all for a few muscles and lifting weights with the guys but there’s some side effects that can come with steroid use.

Now, I’m all for a few muscles and lifting weights with the guys but there’s some side effects that can come with steroid use. See how many from this list you can spot in the video about Rene…

1)Excess body and facial hair that will need shaving
2)Deeper voice
3)Enlarged clitoris
4)Hair thinning or hair loss
6)High blood pressure
7)Heart problems
8)The list goes on….

If you’re trying to switch genders then great. If not then unfortunately the side effects aren’t reversible so you may well end up with these changes becoming permanent.

Going down this route is definitely a life choice, one that I would never go near and one that quite frankly terrifies me. Mostly for the idea that I’d have to drink blended chicken, rice and cabbage. Good god no.


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