Feelgood Moment Of The Day: Man Sees His Family For The First Time In 27 Years

If you were after a serving of heartfelt that is guaranteed to fill your emotions to the limit and beyond and get you reaching for the Kleenex then this touching video is definitely (kind of) the thing that will do it.

Clickhole delivers the type of videos the internet deserves. And so it goes with this offering, which will no doubt cause you to well up with pride for your fellow humans and their ability to rise up and overcome the most difficult and challenging scenarios that life throws at us.

This poor man hasn't seen his family in 27 years, he's missed out on witnessing important milestones and events, seeing the joy on his child's face as she wins her first race or surfs the web.

He hasn't been able to watch his daughter grow from a young child to a confident adult.

All these things we take for granted. All these things Daniel Breslin has forsaken. And now, thanks to what can only be described as a miracle, Daniel can see once more. He can see AGAIN!

All this has been achieved because he's no longer holding his hand up in front of his eyes. Miracles can happen.

Peace be with you.


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