Fly From New York To London In 11 Minutes On This Supersonic Jet With Rocket Boosters

Canadian designer Charles Bombardier has come up with a concept for a private jet plane that would allow it to travel at hypersonic speeds that would be 12 times faster than Concorde. Called the Antipode it's his latest concept which follows on from his previous supersonic jet the Skreemr.

The Antipode could reach speeds of Mach 24 and carry 10 passengers up to 12,430 miles in under an hour, which means it could travel the distance from New York to London in just 11 minutes. The time it takes you to shower. It could do New York to Tokyo in 22 minutes and New York to Sydney in 32 minutes.

It would be able to take off from any airfield thanks to rocket boosters attached to its wings. These boosters would give the plane enough thrust to climb 40,000ft to reach Mach 5, whereupon they would separate and its supersonic combustion ramjet engine would kick in and take it up to Mach 24.

While travelling at supersonic speed it would channel the air through a nozzle in its nose, which would produce counterflowing air jets to reduce surface heat, shockwave, and the deafening noise which would result from breaking the sound barrier.

There are a few obstacles to overcome before something like it can be built though, one of those is NASA have yet to build a successful scramjet engine which would be integral to the Antipode's design.

“I wanted to create an aircraft concept capable of reaching its antipode—or diametrical opposite—as fast as possible,” Bombardier told Forbes.

You can check out some concept art of the plane below.


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