'4 Taylor by Todrick Hall' - Taylor Swift Loves Video Tribute Featuring A Medley Of Her Songs

Todrick Hall, a musician and singer who rose to fame when he got to the semi-finals of American Idol, recently released a video of him performing a medley of Taylor Swift's hits. Well. not just him, but four of him. The impressive vid shows Hall singing harmonies to Taylor’s songs with three other versions of himself.

The popular rising YouTube star who currently heads up his own weekly docu-series called Todrick, which airs Mondays on MTV showed some serious talent and style in the video.

He also performs some dance moves, all while sat in a mockup of the cover art for Taylor's 1989 album. The video, like his previous one where he, again, layered his own voice this time to various Beyonce tracks, quickly went viral. But it wasn't just the internet's attention that was caught.

The song made its way to Swift herself, who sent out an admiring tweet.

But it didn't end there. The two then met up backstage at Swift's Kansas City show at the Sprint Center. Where they performed the splits and Taylor even recorded a voicemail greeting for Hall's phone. Is a duet on the cards?

“NIGHT = MADE” Todrick declared. “Thank you so much! You have no idea how you’ve just made my entire night!”--Is a duet on the cards sometime soon?

#SplitsOnTswift @taylorswift

@taylorswift auditioning to be the voice of my answering machine! Should I cast her? Or nah?

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