'Shut It Off' - The City of Woodbury's Taylor Swift Water Conservation Parody Is So Bad It's Brilliant

Nothing drives home the message of water conservation like a Taylor Swift parody that's so excruciatingly bad, the people who made it are either high level trolls or don't really care how much they embarrass themselves in the name of saving the precious life-giving liquid.

That's what these residents of Woodbury in Minnesota have done, releasing a music video parody of Ms Swift's "Shake It Off" under the name "Shut It Off"—in reference to the hose and sprinklers—not a warning for you avoid playing the video—in case you needed that explaining, which I'm sure you didn't.

It's all part of their watering tips campaign which I'm sure is going to have an impact on Woodbury, if not the world—Especially if you take the lyrics, "i only sprinkle when i need to" and "one inch a week is all i really need" the wrong way—which isn't hard to do as you wonder what the heck is going on in this video.

"Have you heard that your lawn only needs 1 inch of water per week to maintain its healthy, green glow?" runs the blurb under the YouTube vid. "These neighbors in Woodbury, Minn., have a clever way of reminding each other to practice water conservation while irrigating their lawn. So sing along and "Shut It Off!'"

I think this may be an abuse of the word "clever" but hey, if it saves water, then why not huh?

Taylor, you have competition.


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