Taylor Swift's OTT 'Bad Blood' Music Video Gets A Totally Hilarious Parody By Key Of Awesome

People went pretty crazy over Taylor Swift's music video for her song "Bad Blood"—but maybe we were all too delirious with the kickass female assassins and all that skin-tight PVC to notice how ridiculous it really was.

Sure, we have to suspend our disbelief, no one's saying a music video should be like a factual documentary, but Barely Productions' Key of Awesome series raises some valid points in their excellent spoof video.

Like, these assassins may look good, but they're essentially just a division of Revlon basic bitches who test make up and weapons.

And while we're on the subject of weapons, way to promote gun violence there Taylor. Jeez.

And let's not even get on to the physics of those explosions, which they seem to walk in front of without so much as getting hot. What kind of message is that teaching the kids? Outrageous.

Must try harder next time, Taylor. Anyway, here's the original in all its ridiculous OTT glory.

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