Technology Then And Now - 21 Reasons Why Tech Didn't Change The World The Way We Expected

The expectations of the future never, ever live up to the reality. Technology then and now really sucks. Just ask the creator of the flying car. Oh yeah, there isn't one. Promises of smartphones and the internet making our lives easier and democratizing everything, instead of setting us free has turned out to actually enslave us.

There's no longer a place we can shut off when we get emails sent to our pockets and social media means all aspects of people's lives get tweeted, Instagrammed, Facebook'd, Snapchatted. And when it comes to the working day, hopes of technology then and now making our daily toil easier and possibly shorter have vanished.

Somehow things have taken a complete u-turn, suddenly 8 hour working days, 5 days a week are just a distant memory as we take work home with us, are available 24hrs a day to check work emails and take calls. We even take our work on holiday with us. it seems the only time we are free from technology is when we are asleep.

TMI is now a default state we all exist in.

The utopian visions of the future that were set out in the 1950s and 60s never came to fruition. Instead of jetpacks and robotic maids we got the NSA and corporations tracking our every movement and online activity through the magical glass boxes we carry around with us. Technology then and now tricked us all.

And if that isn't bad enough, we're so busy updating whatever technology it is we are updating that we never get time to exercise, move, get off a chair any more and the result is we are all doomed to become morbidly obese.

We failed. Technology then and now failed badly. Here's to the past.

21 Reasons Why Technology Then And Now Failed

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