Teddy Bear The Cute 'Talking' Porcupine Is Really Enjoying His Pumpkin Halloween Feast

Teddy Bear is a porcupine, a porcupine who loves—LOVES—pumpkin. Nobody is more excited than him that fall is here, because it means he can chow down on as much pumpkin as he desires, until he passes out from a pumpkin overdose. OM NOM NOM.

Just look at the enthusiasm with which Teddy Bear devours it, chomping away like he'd never tasted food before. It's clasped in his paws in a grip so tight no one is going to get it from on.

Not unless they want their eyes clawed out.

Teddy Bear is pretty much the cutest porcupine eating a pumpkin that you're going to see today. Maybe all week, who knows.

Such is his adulation for that squash that it seems to move him to vocalise it in something approximating language.

And, the thing is, you'd be able to hear him much more clearly but he's got a mouth full of pumpkin.

At least if he can talk he can ask for more. More. MOAR.

Teddy Bear.

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