Watch These Amazing Dogs Do Epic Tricks In Super Slow Motion At The 'Incredible Dog Challenge'

Chances are if you have a dog, the best trick it has in it's repertoire is to throw-up on the carpet and then, just like magic, make it disappear by eating its own puke. But there are other dogs out there which can do much more impressive feats. Take the mutts in this video for example.

Filmed at the Incredible Dog Challenge these dogs are like high performance athletes, if athletes were covered in fur, walked on four legs, licked your face and loved having their head stroked. Their acrobatic abilities are made all the more impressive thanks to the super slow-motion filming in 4K.

Because it allows you to see them glide through a hoop or catch a flying disc with all the majesty and grace of an Olympian going for gold. It shows in high-def detail that these are not your ordinary house pets.

It's seriously impressive.

Not to take credit away from these dogs however, because they are amazing, but you could probably film a dog eating its own puke in super slow-mo and it would look just as majestic.

Although definitely not quite as athletic.


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