That's Not How We Met! Real Couples Match Up Their Stories On How They First Met

Call it the Rashomon effect, because most couples think they remember how they met, it's just sometimes their memories differ as to exactly how it happened. In this video from Glamour Magazine they put some couples' memories to the test to see how different or similar their stories are.

They separated the couples and asked them to recount how they got together. Turns out, a lot of couples have differing versions of how or when they first met their beloved.

Sometimes you can see why, like the guy who says he first met his girlfriend at a football game, but she totally ignored him. So, of course, the woman can't remember this, instead her version of when they first met involves him being introduced to her at college event.

Other times they are quite similar, like a kiss they both remember. Both remember it being good too, which probably points to why they're still together.

While other times some minor details are recalled differently. Like one beer was drunk instead of two. None of them are too wildly different though, which is probably for the best.

No one wants their partner to have completely forgotten how they first met, because that means either they were wasted—or worse.

You can hear more couples recalling how they did or didn't meet in the video below.

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