The Maine Coon Cat: Photographer Robert Sijka Captures The Majesty Of A Lion In Cat's Clothing

If you were looking to get a pet cat that was on the larger size, then the Maine Coon is the largest domestic cat in the world. It's also one of the most majestic felines with its mane-like fur. And to top it all off they also look super adorable, if a little fierce. It's almost like having your very own lion in a cat's clothing. Almost.

All these aspects of their character are captured to perfection by photographer and cat breeder Robert Sijka. Sijka fell in love with the Maine Coon cat breed when he and his family got one after they'd moved to China from Poland and wanted a pet. And who can blame him, they really are magnificent creatures.

From there he acquired more and then began breeding the animals and now runs a Maine Coon cattery in China, one of the first Maine Coon ones in the country. Because of this he needed to share photos of the cats, so began photographing them too.

After a little experimentation Sijka settled on his signature style, which features the animals shot against a black background while staring boldly at the camera—the results are stunning portraits, but they don't come without a lot of work. But you must admit, well worth the effort. The Maine Coon cat is certainly a majestic animal.

"The real secret behind my photography is called patience, sometimes I have to spend a couple of hours and take hundreds of photos to get this one perfect picture which I had previously imagined." Sijka told Cat Behaviourist. "The main thing for me is to capture the face expression, I love their eyes and emotions which flow from them. I'm always waiting for that one special moment when a cat gives me this one perfect look."

Check out some of Robert's Maine Coon portraits below. And visit Sijka's website for more of his work.

Majestic Pictures Of The Maine Coon Cat

The Majesty Of A Maine Coon Cat - 01.
The Majesty Of A Maine Coon Cat - 02.
The Majesty Of A Maine Coon Cat - 03.
The Majesty Of A Maine Coon Cat - 04.
The Majesty Of A Maine Coon Cat - 05.
Robert Sijka Maine Coon Cat Photos - 01.
Robert Sijka Maine Coon Cat Photos - 02.
Robert Sijka Maine Coon Cat Photos - 03.
Robert Sijka Maine Coon Cat Photos 0 04.
Robert Sijka Maine Coon Cat Photos - 05.
maine coon cat pictures - 01.
Robert Sijka pictures - 02.
Robert Sijka pictures - 03.

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