SnapCats—Artist Doodles Over Her Cats On Snapchat To Create Amusing Cartoon Portraits

Most of us take pictures of our cats and then upload them online because, you know, it's not like there's enough pics of cats online already. And when it comes to our furry feling friends 'more' is definitely more.

Snapchat Artist and Influencer, Industrial Designer, Artist, Redditor and Cat lover Cakes1toDough1 (aka Audrey) has upped her cat photo game though. Because she doesn't just take pics of her cat like every other loser, Audrey augments them with some Snapchat doodling to create her hilarious series SnapCats.

The results are all kinds of brilliant as she turns her cats, Oskar and Maya's, poses into creative situations.

From daydreaming about dead rodents to rollerskating, sitting in piles of money looking bling, DJing, stirring a cauldron, even Princess Leia's hair. Nothing is beyond her skills.

Although her cats themselves might not approve of every pic they're in, whatever adventure they're on, it's a lot more fun and interesting than your standard cat photo.

It seems as if the internet is very much in favor of what Audrey does as she's recently been nominated for the 'Snapchatter of the Year' in this year’s Eighth Annual Shorty Awards, given for the 'Best in Social Media'.

As her Shorty Award's bio says, "Audrey Cakes gave the Internet exactly what it needed: a Snapchat account devoted to cats."

You can check out some of Audrey's cat art below. And head to her website for more.

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