Emily & Bobby - Things Get Emotional As A Couple Contemplate Saying 'I Love You' For The First Time

There comes a moment in every relationship where a couple say those three difficult and emotional words. No, not "Netflix and chill" but "I love you." It can make or break a relationship.

Say it too soon and you might scare them off, leave it too late and you may already be losing them. The Skin Deep, who focus on "exploring human connection and intimacy in the digital age" take a look at this period in a young couple's relationship, capturing all the emotion and intensity it involves on camera.

Emily and Bobby have been dating for two months and they've come to a time when they're wondering if they have a future together. Neither has said "I love you" to the other, and while talking through their turn-ons and fears Bobby asks Emily if there's anything she's having difficulty saying to him.

The tension mounts as she appears like she wants to say something, but doesn't. This saying-but-not-saying goes on for an entire minute while Bobby's eyes begin to well up. In the end she never says those three words, but you feel like she really, really wants to.

It's all too real. You'll no doubt end up with something in your eye. Tell people it's just some dirt.


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