Tom Brady's #Deflategate Courtroom Sketch Was So Weird-Looking It Had To Become A Meme

Tom Brady was in court yesterday for his alleged involvement in what's been dubbed #Deflategate. Brady is accused of being involved in the controversy involving footballs being tampered with, and being under-inflated, when he was quarterback for New England Patriots in a game against the Indianapolis Colts last season.

He denied the accusations but was suspended. He then appealed his suspension but it was upheld by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. So was he in court for a hearing of his civil case against NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL.

But, it wasn't the court case itself that caught everyone's attention, but the sketch by courtroom artist Jane Rosenberg. She's come under criticism and ridicule for the sketch, which makes Brady look really glum. And, mainly, doesn't really look much like Brady at all more like a—albeit fittingly— deflated-football version of Tom Brady.

Rosenberg didn't seem to care about it though. "I don’t tend to flatter people and make them look beautiful." she told The Boston Globe. "He hardly looked up at all. Are you interested in what’s going on or what? At least they can figure out which one is Tom Brady. That’s good, whether he looks good or bad. It’s not just a stick figure of a nobody."

Still, once the internet got hold of it, it readied its photoshop skills and the mockups (Brady’s sullen face in scenes from E.T. and in Edvard Munch) soon started coming thick and fast. Because, lets face it, this was an opportunity too good to miss.

Here's the original sketches.

And here's the internet's reactions.

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