'A Bad Lip Reading Of The NFL' Is The Best Thing About The 2014/15 Football Season

The people over at Bad Lip Reading had better never ever stop making their 'A Bad Lip Reading of The NFL' videos, because they are just so funny it hurts.

Here's their brilliant take on the 2014/15 NFL season filtered through the hilarity of very badly read lips. Lips that come out with lines like "Yeah I once got a rake and I killed a snowman!" and "Once there was this Prince, he came from like, Syria, okay? And he lived with some peaceful monkeys outside his ex-boyfriend's cabin. And had an old sheepdog named Paco Sinbad."

It's hysterically funny and, although it's called bad lip reading, it actually looks entirely accurate. In a perfect world, the NFL players and their coaches would be saying these things for real.


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