Key & Peele's Pre-Game Pump-Up Turns Into An Epic And Hilarious Battle Of Oneupmanship

The pre-game huddle is a standard for any football team so they can be pumped before they hit the field and lay waste to their opponents. But you wouldn't want Key & Peele to be doing your pre-game pump up, because they just don't know when to stop.

What starts with Key and Peele's characters getting a little too over excited, suddenly escalates real quickly, taking a turn for the violent and crossing over to the dark side.

And before you know it, one of them is hunting down the other with a samurai sword like some kind of warrior.

And then things get even more epic—and deadly—as the two try to outdo each other, all the while continuing to utter an inspirational line for the team. It's a long way from some jovial ass-slapping.

It's a brilliant sketch, superbly filmed and highlights that this comedic duo are taking the lolz to a whole new level.

As one YouTube commenter said, "It went from chanting, to tapping, to boxing, to wrestling, to karate, to ninjutsu, to demolition in a matter of minutes. 0 to 100 lightspeed."

While another YouTuber summed it all up perfectly with, "This was a the Sistine Chapel of commedy."

Agreed. How long do we have to wait before Hollywood gives them a movie?


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