Zombie Real Estate - The Ghost Town Used In 'The Walking Dead' Is Up For Sale On Ebay

If you're a fan of The Walking Dead and you have a spare $680,000 lying around, you could buy a chunk of property in Grantville, Georgia where some of the TV series was filmed (watch the behind-the-scenes special from above, whilst they were shooting on location in the town).

The former mayor Jim Sells has put downtown Grantville up for sale on eBay—the area equates to 34,000 square feet and includes nine buildings. Sells said he bought the properties when they foreclosed in the recession, but is now ready to hand them on.

Grantville is a former textiles town, but the mills closed in the 1970s and 80s, and now the main industry is walking dead tourists and a walking dead tour. The episode "Clear" from season three was filmed there.

It's the one where Rick, Carl, and Michonne find a weapons stash in Rick's old police station. Episodes "Prey" from season three and "Alone" from season four have also been partially filmed there.

Check out some pictures from The Walking Dead TV show and the eBay sale below.

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