Watch An Inspired 'Walking Dead' Season 5 Recap Set To The 'Cheers' Theme

The Walking Dead returns to our screens this Sunday, and we get to see how Rick and the gang are getting on in Alexandria. Chances are it's not all running smoothly, but time will tell.

Before you get settled into season six however, how about a recap of season five? And how about it's recapped to the theme from Cheers but with lyrics changed to reflect what happened?

Why would you not want that.

Obviously if you haven't seen season five yet, there be spoilers aplenty ahead, so proceed with extreme caution, unless you like having the plot ruined for you.

For everyone else though, enjoy this perfectly pitched recap in a sing-along, foot-tapping style.

The lyrics are inspired too. Instead of "Sometimes you want to go / Where everybody knows your name" we get "They want to go / where walkers won't eat their brains."

It also does that freeze frame old-fashioned colorization too.

The big question is though, who would be The Walking Dead barflies Norm and Cliff? Rick and Daryl?


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