Tragedy As Giraffe Dies After Hitting Its Head On Low Bridge In South Africa

A giraffe died after hitting its head on a low hanging bridge while it was being transported on a highway in South Africa. The tragic accident happened on the N1 motorway that runs from Cape Town to Beit Bridge.

The giraffe seems to have died from a head injury.

There was lots of blood.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in South Africa is looking into the death and an autopsy will be carried out to determine the exact cause. The death has sent a shockwave through South Africa as people question how such an avoidable death could've happened.

The owner of the giraffe says the animal may've caused the accident.

However, others doubted this.

Eyewitness News has reported that criminal charges may be brought. "The SPCA’s Rick Allan said, 'All we can ascertain at this stage is severe head trauma. We are continuing our investigation with the view to possibly lay criminal charges against those responsible.'"

One twitter user noted that when transported giraffes should really be enclosed, but unfortunately it's not a law that's enforced. Other twitter users noted how the death was eerily similar to a scene in the Hangover III, where Zach Galifianakis’ character decapitates a giraffe while doing nearly exactly what the South African driver was doing.

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