The Moment When Twin Siblings Come Out To Their Dad In This Teary-Eyed Emotional Video

Even in today's society it's still a very difficult time when you are a young adult who is completely aware of their sexuality, knowing that sooner or later you will need to express these feelings to your parents, totally unaware of what their response might be.

It could go well and they understand and support you and respect your decision to let them know. Or it could be the start of a rift that may may never be healed. The problem you have is that you never know.

So get the box of tissues at the ready, because you're going to be welling up like you've just sliced a whole barrel of onions. Twin bros and models Aaron and Austin are gay. But their dad doesn't know that—yet.

But he does when they come out together in this highly-charged, emotional video, where they film themselves both telling him over the phone.

Both boys are clearly nervous about the whole thing. "I don't really know how else to put it but I'm gay, and erm, Austin is too—and we just wanted to call and tell you." says Aaron, welling up.

Thankfully dad responds in the best way possible, reassuring them that it's all fine. "You know I love you both, that'll never change. You gotta live your lives." he tells them. Aww, you guys!


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