Tear-Jerker Of The Day - Kids Cry Tears Of Joy After Being Reunited With Their Missing Cat

A missing pet is one of the most traumatic things that can happen to you as a kid, it's up there with the internet going down or dropping your smartphone.

In the case of a missing loved one, you just want to know that they are safe and to get them back home as soon as possible. So when these two boys get reunited with their cat after it was found down by a gas station, they're overcome with pure emotion.

And as expected tears of utter joy start flowing down their cheeks and pinking up their faces. It's a beautiful moment as the video above shows and will no doubt bring tears to your eyes.

According to the YouTube page the cat had been missing for two whole months, which is the sort of period where you'd give up hope of ever seeing kitty ever again.

That was until their mom spotted to poor lost cat at a nearby gas station and brought her back home.

So that makes it extra cute to see the kids' relief at seeing their pet alive and well and in their home again. Awww.

Make sure you have some sliced onions near you when watching this, just in case anyone asks what's wrong with your eyes because even those of us with the coldest hearts will be moved.


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