Twitter Lost Its Collective Mind Over The Shocking Ending To The Walking Dead Season Finale

After a season of teasing fans with the reveal of the big bad that was Negan, the season 6 finale of The Walking Dead finally delivered his debut, along with the debut of his barbed wire clad baseball bat, Lucille. But what it didn't deliver on was exactly who that baseball killed from Rick Grimes' group of survivors.

And it caused quite the upset among fans on twitter, who went nuts over the expert troll ending. Fans had known for months that a beloved character was going to die at the hands of Negan, but who that might be was up for debate. All was expected to be unveiled in the finale titled “Last Day on Earth.”

But after Negan raised his bat and brought it down to the sounds of a skull cracking, rather than reveal who the poor recipient was it cut to the credits—fans will now have to wait six months to find out who died.

In the comics by Robert Kirkman which the TV series is based on it's [spoiler] Glenn who dies by being beaten with Lucille, but no one knows whether that's going to be the same for The Walking Dead Season 7 TV show when it returns. Although that hasn't stopped people from trying to find out.

People have turned detective (see video above) trying to work out from the footage and audio who was killed. But mostly people have just taken to twitter to voice their rage and fury over how the producers and showrunner Scott Gimple could leave fans hanging on such a cliffhanger.

Here's some of that storm of social media outrage along with some speculation, and wishful thinking, about who might have been offed.

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