Honest Trailers Savage 'The Walking Dead' In This Unflinching Takedown Of The Show And Its Faults

The Walking Dead is now, thankfully, back on our screens and marks the end of crying ourselves to sleep on a Sunday evening, and if you saw the mid-season premiere you'll know it returned with a bang. Well, Daryl in particular returned with a bang, a bang that blew those Saviour scumbags to pieces!

Anyway, as grateful as fans were for the show's return, there are always some frustrations with it. The angst over Glenn's supposed death earlier in the season is a prime example.

And Screen Junkies' Honest Trailer for seasons 4 to 6 leaves no crappy plot point or glaring inconsistency unturned in its brutal takedown of the show.

Unafraid to point out the show's flaws, and it has quite a few, it's like a machete to the skull if you're a fan of the show. It hurts. It's as unflinching as Carol's ferocity (which it touches on btw).

And lets not even start on the fact that Carl has grown a lot, a hell of a lot over the one and a half years that the show's timeline has spanned so far. It must be all of those puddings he eats.

It's honest, just like it says. I'll never look at the show the same way again. OK, of course I will, but that still won't take away how much Carl's aged. or the fact his dad still can't get his name right, "CORAL".

As Screen Junkies say, "you've stuck with The Walking Dead for almost six years, and no matter how predictable it gets you've sunk too much of your life in it to stop."

Dear god, has it really been on that long? Still, i am counting the seconds until it airs again on Sunday night.


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