Urban Climbers Scale Some Insanely Tall Dubai Skyscrapers In These Palm-Sweating Videos

Lets play a game. Don't worry, you don't have to anything more than press 'play' on the video and see how long you last before you start to panic for the safety of the people you are watching.

If you ever wondered how much two minutes of footage might make your heart palpitate and your hands sweat, then this video of people doing some "urban climbing" will show you—the answer is a helluva lot.

A helluva lot, indeed.

Because "urban climbing" in the examples in this compilation doesn't just mean scaling your average building. It means sliding along the top of a huge—HUGE—skyscraper in Dubai. There's also people climbing cranes that seems to be so insanely high they could high five a cloud.

Obviously you can't deny the views are spectacular but the nerve it takes to get up there would probably have most people crying like a baby before long.

Then there's the maniac at the end who's on one of those hoverboards that isn't really a hoverboard. And he's using it in a way that it really shouldn't be used, by teetering on the edge of a highrise. It's enough to terrify you for life just watching it vicariously.

In fact that maniac at the end is Oleg Cricket, who hails from Siberia and is a daredevil who seemingly likes nothing more than teetering on the edge of very tall places. Here he is jumping across window ledges at 43 stories up.

Actually quite a lot from the above compilation is Oleg doing terrifying things at ridiculous heights. You can see more of his lofty, buttock-clenching antics below.

People Are Insane OlegCricket

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