Adorable Baby Koala Is Almost Too Cute To Take — And She Has A Heartwarming Backstory Too

If ever you wished there was a living breathing teddy bear then you'd have to look to Australia and their diverse array of animal species and seek out a baby Koala Bear. That's about as close as you could get.

Meet Imogen, the ridiculously cute Koala joey who looks just like a living cuddly toy and has quite a dramatic and heartfelt backstory to go with her insanely adorable home video above.

Two zookeepers at Symbio Wildlife Park, Kylie Elliot and Matt Radnidg, adopted and are hand-rearing baby Imogen as her own mom has adopted another little koala.

It came about because another joey at the zoo, called Harry, was orphaned after his mom died from Leukaemia at only 20 weeks old. To save Harry's life the keepers consulted with experts and came up with a surrogacy plan.

They decided to hand rear Imogen, who was a month older than Harry, and put Harry in Imogen's mom's pouch, so he could be nurtured and be given the best chance of survival. And it worked.

Imogen's mother, called Kelly, took over maternal duties for Harry without a problem, while Kylie and Matt are enjoying being parents to Imogen, carrying her around in a makeshift pouch and feeding her bottles of milk. Imogen seems to be enjoying it too.